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Weston Roofing : Flat Roofing

Providing flat roofing to your property

In the past, felt or flat roofs were prone to leaks and cracks, which would cause damage to your property. With Weston Roofing, we use modern and advanced flat roofing materials to guarantee that your flat roof will be waterproof and leak-free for years to come.

For commercial properties, we will offer single-ply roofing, whereby the principal roof covering is a single layer of flexible membrane, which provides a durable and waterproof alternative.

We offer our flat roofing service in a variety of materials to create the appearance that you are looking for:

Flat Roofing Services Include

  • Felt
  • Rubber
  • Lead
  • Zinc
  • Asphalt
  • Fibre glass
  • Three layer
  • Single Ply

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